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Our consultants completed the following on SAP BW 3.1, SEM 3.5,, APO, IS-Media, SD, R/3 4.7, MM,FI

  • Data warehousing, BI Infocubes, defining scope of performance reporting to be delivered by the program, technical architecture, supporting work stream, coordinating the identification of transactional reporting by work streams.
  • Developed Planning Areas, Multi-Planning Areas, Planning Layouts, Planning Levels, Planning packages, Manual Planning, Manual and user defined functions, Planning Profiles, Planning folders, Planning sequences, Planning environment and Data Slices using characteristics relationship, Formula Extension.
  • Extensively worked on Characteristic relationship of type exit, attribute, hierarchy  and combination check and combination proposal
  • Created numerous functions of type exit and reposting (characteristic relationship).
  • Proficient in creating Web interfaces, BSP’s, using portals and transaction BPS_STAT0.
  • Extensively worked with planning functions requiring complex allocation, distribution. Also implemented layouts, BEx reports, function modules, function exits, complex FOX formulas, process chains, complex multilevel planning, financial planning, and modelling, planning with multiple currencies.
  • Integration of SAP BW, APO & SEM BPS in planning, reporting and simulation based on the user requirements. Data transferred successfully between SAP APO and SAP BW/SEM. I have performed the Customizing steps under Integration with Other my SAP Components.
  • Provided support and development for Nordic, central Europe, Benelux, Germany, Asia Pacific from UK for all OpCo’s.
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